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Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats

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BMR Goats are all 100% CAE Free, CL Free, G6S Normal and carry the Casein Protein for great cheesemaking. Email Kathryn or call (928) 536-7759
Our 2018 Kidding Diary will be posted below this Kidding Schedule.
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2018 Kidding Season

Senior Does

Due Date

SG Snowflake

Due March 6
Kidded Feb. 25
Quads: 1 doe, 3 bucks 2 does retained, 2 bucks reserved $550

Liberty Belle

Due March 6
Kidded March 2
Twins: 1 doe 1 buck 1 doe reserved $450

SG Obsidian

Due March 6
Kidded March 3
Twins: 2 does 1 doe retained, 1 doe reserved, 1 buck retained, 1 buck reserved $500

SG Arietta

Due March 6
Kidded March 3
Triplets: 1 doe, 2 bucks 1 doe retained, 1 doe reserved, 1 buck reserved $450

SG Melody

SG Gideon
Due March 6
Kidded March 3
Quints! 3 does, 2 bucks! 1 buck reserved $550

SG Reese

SG Gideon
Due March 6
Kidded March 4
Quads: 1 doe, 3 bucks 2 does retained, 2 bucks reserved,
1 doe on waiting list

SG Sky

Due March 6
Kidded March 4
Triplets: 1 doe, 2 bucks 1 doe retained, 1 doe reserved $500

SG Charlotte

Due March 6
Kidded March 4
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 1 doe reserved $500

SG Ashlee

Due March 6
Kidded March 4
Triplets: 1 doe, 2 bucks 1 doe reserved, 1 buck reserved $450


SG Gideon
Due March 6
Kidded March 4
Triplets: 2 does, 1 buck 1 wether reserved $450

SG Abby

SG Gideon
Due March 6
Kidded March 4
Twins: 2 does 1 doe reserved $450

SG Onyx

SG Gideon
Due March 6
Kidded March 5
Triplets: 2 does, 1 buck 2 does reserved, 1 buck reserved $500


Due March 6
Kidded March 5
Twins: 2 does 2 does reserved, 1 buck reserved $450

SG Carmella

Due March 6
Kidded March 5
Singleton: 1 doe 2 does retained, 1 buck reserved $600
SG Betty
Due March 13
Kidded March 13
Triplets: 1 doe, 2 bucks 1 doe reserved, 1 buck reserved $500

SG Finale

SG Gideon
Due March 13
Kidded March 14
Twins: 2 bucks 1 doe reserved, 1 buck retained $500

SG Celia

Due March 21   1 doe retained, 1 doe reserved $500
SG Detroit
Due March 27     $500

Junior Does

(No reservations will be taken for registered bucklings out of Junior Does)
Due Date
SG Gideon
Due March 6
Kidded March 5
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 2 does reserved $350


Due April 13     $350
Due April 14     $350
Red Dawn
SG Gideon
Due April 18   1 doe reserved $350
Due April 20     $350
Due April 20   1 doe reserved $350
SG Gideon
Due May 8     $350

Kathryn's 2018 Goat Kidding Diary

Kiddings will be listed below chronologically with the most recent first. To start at the earliest entry, click here.

Fast Finale


3/14/18 Last year Finale took a long time to finally get down to the business of kidding.  So, this year I expected the same.  However, I did move her into a kidding pen this afternoon just for my convenience.  That way I could keep an eye on her from the monitor in my office.  She had been squirmy and she wasn't hanging with her buddies, but those were the only signs that she might be kidding soon.

About an hour later, I checked the monitor and saw her water break.  Within half an hour her monster big bucks were born and very soon after that she had cleaned and was back in general population.  Less than 3 hours spent in the kidding pen.  Now THAT is fast!

The first-born fella came nose first, with one leg alongside.  He weighed 9.0#.  Soon his bigger brother came in totally proper forward position.  He was 9.4#.  They don’t make the list for biggest kids ever born here since we have had a few 11 pounders, but they are still impressively large, hungry, active, and beautiful.  Finale did a great job!

First born - a 9# buck
1st born again - cute cheek
Second born - a 9.4# buck

A Big Load For Betty


3/13/18 Five weeks ago I emailed a friend that I thought Betty would be losing her babies prematurely due to her stringing mucus already.  But I was wrong.  Betty held her pregnancy right up until her due date.  Why was she passing mucus so early?  Well, my guess is because she was so overly filled with it!  Her triplets were the wettest kids ever.  The last-born kid came in a bubble of over half of a gallon of the lovely, slick goo - and the other two weren’t much dryer.

Betty has been kicking at her belly for a few days now, plus walking like she had a stick up her butt (Sorry, but that is such a good description of the walk).  She spent last night in the kidding pen, standing the whole night.  This morning at 6AM she seemed anxious and started panting.  I got ready to check inside of her to see if there was a problem, but that’s when she finally laid down.

David and I got to work feeding animals, milking the goats, packaging and shipping cheese, plus checking on Betty on the Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera monitor.  It was a very busy morning.  At 10 AM I pulled up a camp chair to hang with Betty.  She was standing up again, was fidgety, and still kicking at her belly.  I decided to investigate.

David come out to hold Betty still, I cleaned Betty’s vulva area, gloved up, lubed up, and slowly inserted a few fingers.  Betty was pretty tight but loosened up as I carefully inserted my hand into her birth canal.  There was a head there, with the two front legs further back.  I pulled the legs forward and soon a 7.0# strawberry blonde doeling was born.  She stood up before David even had her dried off. 

Once the girl was in the Kid Carrier, I checked back inside of Betty.  I felt back legs, plus a head.  That’s a good clue that there are at least 2 more babies inside!  I pulled the head, and two front legs came along.  Soon a 7.5# red buckling was born.

David worked to dry him off – an almost impossible task due to the incredible amount of birthing goo. He almost succeeded before Betty started pushing.  Since I had felt back legs earlier, I wanted to be sure the third kid came out fairly quickly.  I didn’t want the umbilical cord to be compressed by the shoulders as they pass through Betty's pelvis.  I found those back legs in the birth canal already, so I just gave some traction and the backwards 8.4# buckling started sliding out.  I pulled some, then I pulled more.  As the kid’s butt was touching the ground, I changed my grip and pulled even more.  Finally out came an incredibly long, 8.4# buckling. 

Betty is still kicking at her belly, even though I did check inside to be sure that she was done.  I suspect those kids were pressing on a nerve.    I’m sure Betty will improve now that the triplets (and gallons of goo) are out of her.  The kids are doing great.

The Doeling
Second born - a buck
Third born - another buck
More water balloons!

Magic Moment


3/5/18 This evening first time momma, Magic, did a great job of pushing out her 6.2# daughter in perfect forward position, followed quickly by her 5.1# son in back legs first position.  She was fast, efficient, and a bit confused about what had just happened.

It's a Girl!
It's a boy!

Confusing Carmella


3/5/18 I induced Carmella (Carly) a few days ago and expected her to kid yesterday.  But she held onto her load for an extra day.  I’ve been quite worried about Carly since I did an ultrasound on her 4 months ago that I thought showed quads.  However, Carly did not get very big as her pregnancy progressed.  I worried that possibly her kids had died and that it would be a terrible kidding like Reese had recently.

When Carly did finally start into hard labor I did a quick 2 finger check inside.  I felt two front legs, and, wow, they sure felt like big legs.  Carly worked to push out her 7.9# doeling while I helped a bit giving some traction.  Once born, the girl proved to be strong and healthy.  What a relief. 

I did check inside of Carly to find out where those “other kids” were, but I didn’t feel anyone else home.  It wasn’t until later that Amanda saw Carly passing small bones from at least two other kids.  These kids had died long ago and mostly been absorbed already.

She's staying!
Small kid bones passed in Carly's afterbirth

Double Batch of Cookie Doe


3/5/18 As soon as Onyx (see below) had her kids born and they were being cleaned off by our wonderful Kidding Crew, I checked back inside the barn to see what the other Close Up girls were doing.  I found Cookie quite busy as she cleaned up her newborn 6.5# daughter. 

I picked up the kid and lead Cookie into a kidding pen.  She continued to love on her baby, but then started back into labor.  Soon she had another daughter born, this one 6.6#. All are doing great.

Nice doeling
Sleek girl

Early Morning Onyx


3/5/18 I checked on all the Close Up girls at 4:30 this morning and everyone was sleeping soundly.  When I checked them again at 6:30 AM I found Onyx standing in the barn with a huge “kid bubble” hanging out of her vulva.  I could see a very dark kid head inside floating around in the fluid.

I moved her into a kidding pen, broke the bubble, found a leg to pull straight, and out came an overly spotted 5.8# doeling.  Soon Onyx pushed out a second doeling in good forward position.  This one weighed 4.9#.  Making his debut backwards, the 5.5# buckling come out rear legs first.

That was a pretty fast way to wake up!

Over the top girl spots
Spotted girl
Splashy boy

Abby Ends A Very Long Day


3/4/18 It had been an amazingly long day of working with the 5 does that had kidded so far today plus all the kids.  The Kidding Crew were all exhausted.  But Abby still needed to lose her load. She was squirmy and fidgety so I checked inside of her to make sure there wasn’t a problem.  All was fine and soon a 7.8# doeling was born.  Next came…a duck.  It was like Obsidian’s duck only bigger.  This kid had died early on in the pregnancy.  Then Abby pushed out another doeling.  This one 7.4#.  Both girls are doing great and Abby will be a great contributor in the milking parlor again this year.

Splashy doe
Love this girl!

Piper Make Short Work Of It


3/4/18 With so many girls kidding so close together we were running out of pens.  Poor Piper got stuck in a small corner of a pen being used for kids.  But she was fine with that.  She dug a few craters and flung straw everywhere.  Finally, she got down to business and pushed out a backwards 5.8# buckling.  The fella had a hard time breathing and Amanda worked hard to clear his airway.  He still seemed to struggle.

Soon Piper pushed out a 6.8# brown doeling followed by a 5.0# black doeling.  They rallied just fine.  But the poor first born buckling never did despite all the work and care that Amanda and David gave him.  Sadly, he passed away a few hours after being born.  Sometimes it’s just not meant to be…

For Sale
Love this girl!
Another nice doe

Ashlee Gives Us A Scare


3/4/18 Ashlee had been in the first stage of labor for longer than I liked.  So even though she wasn’t in hard labor yet, I checked inside.  I felt a backbone.  I rotated the kid to align it properly in the birth canal and out came a 5.5# doeling.  Soon Ashlee pushed out an 8.2# white buckling.  After waiting awhile with no more kids coming, I checked inside.  I felt a backbone.  This is getting to be a habit with the does this year!

Once again I manipulated the kid so that it would come out more ergonomically and out came a 7.0# buckling.

We don’t know if Ashlee ended up with a small uterine tear, but she passed a lot of blood and got very lethargic.  I gave her some oxytocin to contract the uterus and, hopefully, stem any blood flow, plus gave her some MFO Solution for calcium in case she had hypocalcemia (milk fever) from so much work pushing.  I also gave her some Banamine for pain.  It was scary, and I expected her to be dead by morning.  But when I checked her in the middle of the night she looked perky and fine.  The next morning she was so enthusiastic coming in for milking that she just about pushed me over.  Whew!  We are SO glad that Ashlee is doing great.

Ashlee's doeling
White buck
Splashy buck

Charlotte's Turn


3/4/18 Around 4 PM today Charlotte started into hard labor.  She’d been fussing around for a few hours but finally was getting serious.  Soon both of her babies were born in classic nose and toes position. The first born was a whopping 9.1# buck, the second a more reasonable 6.1# doeling.

Charlotte's spotted buckling
Charlotte's doeling

Sunny Skies


3/4/18 Just after feeding the kids their lunch, Sky started into hard labor.  I did a two finger check and felt a backbone.  I reached fully into the womb, found a hock, rotated it to find the rear hoof, and pulled that into the birth canal.  That’s when Sky gave a mighty push and out came the 6.3# buckling with one back leg folded up underneath his belly.  No harm done, just an ugly way to come into the world.

Next came a 6.8# buckling in nose and toes position, then a 6.7# doeling also in proper forward position.  I double checked to be sure no one else was home.  Sky looks great and should be a powerhouse in the milking parlor again this year.

First born buck
Second born buck
Finally! A girl!

Rocky Reese


3/4/18 We were hoping that Reese would kid last evening, but it wasn’t until 2 AM that she started into hard labor.  She pushed out a head and I was able to find a front leg to pull forward.  Out came an 8.9# buckling.  I check inside of her and found two back legs.  I pulled out a dead doeling.

Next came another backwards kid.  This was another buck weighing 6.9#. I checked back inside and didn't feel any more kids. But as I found out later I was wrong. 

3/6/18 Update:  Over the course of the two days after kidding, Reese just didn’t look comfortable and then started into labor.  I decided to check inside again.  I felt a leg.  This was SO not good.  I couldn’t reach my veterinarian so Reese, David, Amanda, Joan, and I worked for over an hour to get that dead kid out. David held Reese steady, Joan got us needed supplies, Amanda kept the OB lubricant coming, and I worked to manipulate the kid and get it pulled out. It was a horrible experience for everyone.  But finally, a long dead buckling came out. 

3/10/18 Update:  Reese is continuing to improve, she looks great, is eating a lot, her milk is coming up. We have very high hopes that she will recover.

What a good looking fella!
And another good looking fella

Melody's Quintet


3/3/18 Melody looked large, but not overly large.  We expected triplets from her.  She looked quite regal while laying in her kidding pen watching us work as Obsidian and Arietta kidded.  Occasionally she’d look pretty silly as she sat like a dog to take the pressure off her big belly.  Once we were done with the other does, Mel decided it was her turn.

The first kid, a 4.9# doeling, came in nose and toes position.  The second kid, a gorgeous red 5.5# buckling tried to come poll spot first, but I rearranged his head so that the nose came first.  After that, well, I have no idea what happened.  It was a kid explosion!  In the end, we were juggling FIVE very lively, healthy kids.  The third born was a tiny 3.4# buck, fourth born a lovely 6.3# doeling, and the fifth born was a 5.3# doeling that came rear legs first. 

None of us would have believed it if we hadn’t been there. This is our second set of quintuplets ever.   What an amazing doe Melody is.  What an amazing Kid Cleaning Crew we have when Amanda and Joan are here.  They certainly were indispensable!

It's a girl!
Beautiful buckling
Tiny boy
Spice girl!
And another girl

Arietta Performs


3/3/18 I was in a different kidding pen helping Obsidian (see below) with her newborn daughter when Arietta decided it was her turn.  She would push hard, then stop, then push hard again.  I checked inside and felt a backbone trying to be forced into the birth canal.  That just wasn’t going to happen.  I worked my hand along the kid’s body until I found a tail.  From there I worked along to a rear leg and pulled it into the birth canal.  I retraced my way back to the tail and down to the other back leg.  Once it was in the birth canal, I pulled out a 6.1# buckling.

As Amanda and Joan were working to clean him off, David continued to hold Arietta and I went in search of the next kid.  Out came a 6.6# doeling in forward position.  She got handed off to the Cleaning Crew and I went in search of more babies.  Soon a 7.1# buckling was born.

I got Arietta some warm molasses water then let Amanda and Joan finish buffing and drying the kids, while I went back to work with Obsidian.

Good lookin' fella
She's a keeper
Another good looking guy

Crystal Clear Obsidian


3/3/18 My Birthin' Buddies, Amanda and Joan, are here to help for a few days! It's always great to have them.

Since we had 12 does due to kid in one day, I decided to try and spread out the kiddings by inducing some to kid a few days early.  Dion (Obsidian) was one of them, but of the 4 that I expected to kid today she looked to be the least likely to go first.  However, as the afternoon wore on, she started passing some amazingly crystal clear, thick birthin’ slime.  She passed a lot of it.  After a few hours I decided to check inside so that the kids wouldn’t be totally dry when she started pushing.

The kid in the birth canal had one leg folded back but was otherwise doing fine.  Once this 6.4# doeling was born, Dion acted like she was done.  Since Arietta was starting into hard labor, I let Dion continue to lick on her daughter.  After Arietta finished her hardest work day of the year (see above), I checked inside of Dion.  I felt, well, I wasn’t sure what I felt.  It was wrong – a small, twisted knot of tissue.  I felt past this and found real kid parts.  Soon another doeling was born, this one weighed in at 5.9#.

Dion then pushed out…a duck.  OK, it wasn’t really a duck.  It was the decaying embryo of a long dead kid.  It had probably died in the first trimester of the pregnancy, at which time the head really does resemble more of a duck with a beak, then a goat. Dion's surviving daughters certainly outgrew that development stage and are gorgeous looking youngsters.

This girl is staying!
Cool ears on this girl

Liberty Belle Rings In A New Life

Liberty Belle/Ninja

3/2/18  Yesterday Liberty Belle’s milk was in and she was fussy.  I put her in the kidding pen in the afternoon so that I could keep an eye on her.  In the evening I saw her stringing some brown goo that didn't look quite right.  I would have checked inside of Liberty to see if there was a problem except that her rump was still fairly tight.

Just after 1 AM today she started into hard labor.  I did a pelvic exam on her.  She was still pretty tight in the birth canal, but I could feel a kid bubble just inside the cervix.  It seemed ready to move into the birth canal so I got out of there to let Liberty do the work of loosening up.

After half an hour I checked back inside.  I felt lots of legs plus a head.  The head was not aligned well, it was tilted down, and the top of the head was coming first.  I pulled the nose into the birth canal which helped, but the eye sockets seemed sunken so I expected the kid to be dead.  Then I checked for legs that belonged to the head.  It was a tangle of legs and I just couldn’t get enough space to reach in further to identify which went where, but one leg kept pulling away from me, so I knew that one of the kids was alive.  Finally I pulled the kid with both front legs back.  It was hard on Liberty, but she was a trooper.  The buck kid was dead as expected.

I went right back into Liberty and found nose and toes.  Out came the most amazing 8.4# doeling.  She is splashy, active, and was very hungry.  What a wonderfully vigorous young lady! Liberty loved licking on her.  The newborn girl is now hanging out with Snowflake’s kids and bouncing around like crazy. She is pictured here at 6 hours old.

Early Snowstorm


2/25/18 When I said in my "Getting Ready" introduction that we were excited to meet the new kids, I didn’t mean that we were excited enough for them to come 9 days early! But Snowflake's did. 

Yesterday we finished getting the kidding pens ready, plus got the “Close Up Collars” put on the does that are within 10 days of kidding.  Snowflake wore her Close Up collar a mere 24 hours before deciding that she was done being pregnant.  I didn’t blame her, she was huge and starting to have a hard time moving around.

Today she didn’t come in for morning lead feeding.  She was hiding in one of our auxiliary pens.  Her milk was in, she was “baby talking”, and she didn’t want to move.  I convinced her to go into one of the newly redecorated kidding pens.  She checked out the food but wasn’t interested.  Within a few minutes she started stringing birthing fluids from her vulva. 

I sat out with Snowflake for about an hour, then she started into hard labor.  She pushed out a kid bubble and soon a 7.6# buckling was born.  I had been worried since the kids were 9 days premature, but this fella sure looked full term.

Then we waited… and waited some more.  About an hour after the buckling was born I gave Snowflake a drench of MFO Solution which is an electrolyte to boost her calcium level to help her have strong contractions.  Half an hour later I decided to investigate since Snowflake was not pushing yet.  I washed her perineum region (vulva and surrounding area), gloved up, lubed up, and while David held her steady I slowly worked my hand into the birth canal.  No one was there.  I felt in past the cervix and found a tangle of legs plus a head.  I pulled the head and one leg forward, then found a second leg but as I started to extend it I realized that one leg was a front leg and the other a back leg.  There were two kids trying to come at the same time.  

From the feel of the head, I thought the kid was dead, so I pushed it back into the womb and worked to find the other back leg.  I couldn’t find it due to all the other body parts right there, so I pushed it back into the womb and found that head again plus a front leg.  I gave a gentle pull and out came a buck, dead as I suspected.

I quickly went back inside of Snowflake, found two back legs and pulled out a tiny, limp doeling.  I feared she was dead, but there was a spark of life. David is the best at getting babies to live, and he had his work cut out for him with this one. While David worked his magic with the little girl, I checked back inside Snowflake and felt a fourth kid.  It was way down deep, further down than I could easily reach.  I let Snowflake work to push the kid closer to the exit.

Once David had the 4.5# spotted girl breathing well and cuddled in a towel next to her first-born brother, I reached back into Snowflake for the fourth kid.  It was now starting into the birth canal.  Out came another 7.6# buck kid in nose and toes position – alive and well.

That is quite a dramatic start to our kidding season.  Hopefully the other kiddings will go easier.  But for now, Snowflake and her early "Snowstorm" of three surviving kids are doing great.

First born buckling
This girl is staying here
Another buckling

Getting Ready


2/24/18 Ready or not, it’s going to happen.  Our barn full of oversized, heavily pregnant does will soon become a barn full of beautiful, productive milkers, plus dozens of exuberant kids.  We are working hard to get ready for the onslaught.

My name is Kathryn and I'm the goat herd manager here at Black Mesa Ranch.  My husband, David, is the cheese maker.  Since this is a two-person operation we also wear many other hats.  In addition to working with the goats, I keep the website updated, care for the cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, and livestock guardian dogs, plus oversee the ranch business (which is just a more polite way of saying that I boss David around).  Besides working hard as the cheese maker, David is the ranch maintenance man, sales manager, product packaging expert, welder, gardener, computer wizard, road grader, feed hauler, and all ‘round good guy. He is also a trained gourmet chef and does all the cooking!!

We will have a few friends come to help out with the bulk of the kiddings, which this year will happen pretty much all at once.  In fact we plan to induce some does to kid a day or so earlier just to, hopefully, spread out the kiddings over several days instead of having 12 does kid on a single day. 

The does are looking great, humming a lot, and waddling around with amazingly large bellies.  They are a great bunch and work hard throughout the year making milk for David to turn into cheese. 

David and I are excited to meet the new kids.  I hope that you enjoy reading about our adventures as those kids come into the world.

Kathryn Heininger
BMR Goat Herd Manager

"We'll" just sit here for awhile.
Reese pregnant with quads in 2017
Can you say "quads"?
Tyler in her younger days.
We love our Fan Club!
Thanks Cynthia.

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