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Abby as a 3 year old (1 pic above and 2 below)

As a yearling (above and below)

SG Black Mesa All Bets Are Off (Abby) 8*M
Born 3/5/15

 ADGA # PN1754718

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Alpha s1 Casein A/A, A/B, or B/B by pedigree

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

 Linear Appraisal Score:
79 AV++ at 1 year old
86 +VEE at 2 years old

DHIR Milk Test Results:

Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2016 1-01 285 1570 5.5 82 5.2 58 3.7
2017 2-00 269 2463 9.2 119 4.8 92 3.7
2018 2-11 192 1959 10.2 72 3.7 72 3.7
2018 Lactation Is Now In Progress

Summer 2017:

Abby is a very big girl, almost as tall as a buck.  She has a beautiful udder with great teat placement, and is one of our top milkers.  She is still a bit gawky on her rear legs, but maybe when she grows into those long legs she will look a bit more sturdy.

Summer 2016:

Abby went through a very gawky growth stage towards the end of her pregnancy and ended up looking pretty awful. But her udder is lovely with wonderful teats and she is starting to grow out of the gawkiness. We hope she continues to improve since she is fun in the milking parlor and out with her buddies.

Summer 2015:

Abby is a big, energetic girl. She, along with her buddy, Ashlee, are leaders of the kid herd. Abby is looking more and more like her lovely granddam, Jackie, and that is just fine with us.

Sire: Black Mesa Tyler's Boeshane *B, 84 +VV, ADGA Sire Development Program Buck

SS: SG Reuel Rhesa's JJ Rio Grande ++*B, 90 EVE, Elite Buck, INBA Outstanding Sire

SSS: SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B

SSD: SG Reuel Rufus’ Royal Rhesa 2*M, 90 EEEV

SD: SG Black Mesa Rose Tyler 5*M, 90 EVEE

SDS: SG Reuel Miriam's EXP Marconi +*B, 91 EEE,  Elite Sire

SDD: Black Mesa Cory's Rosemary 4*M, 91 EEEE

Dam: SG Black Mesa Jacks Or Better 7*M 90 EEEV, Multiple INBA Awards

DS: Reuel Ginghams Royal Gallifrey +*B, 86 +EE

DSS: GCH Price-o-the-Field Royal Marcus +B, 93 EEE

DSD: SGCH Reuel Tapestry's RY Gingham 11*M, 90 EEEE 

DD: SG Black Mesa Jackie Tyler 6*M, 88 VVEV

DDS: SG Lakeshore-Farms Mr. Bentley *+B, 91 EEE, Elite Buck

DDD: SG Black Mesa Rose Tyler 5*M, 90 EVEE

Newborn Abby


6 month old Abby (3 pictures above)

The Goats At BMR

Senior Does


Junior Does