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Roy at 2 years old



3 month old Roy (above and 2 pics below)



Roy's Grand dam SGCH Price-o-the-Field Lady Regina 1*M 92 EEEE


Reuel Ginghams Royal Gallifrey *B (Roy)
Born 4/11/11

ADGA # N1560252

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Tested A/A for Alpha s1 Casein

Linear Appraisal Score:
86 VVV at 1 year old

Semen available
$100 for 5 straws

Summer 2014 update:

Roy is now living down in the Phoenix valley and working hard for his new people (and their does, of course!) Last winter we had Roy's semen collected so that we could continue to use him through artificial insemination.

Summer 2013 update:

Roy is growing into a big boy!  And a handsome one, too.  His kids are looking great.  

Summer 2012 update:

Roy is doing well and produced some lovely kids this year.  He scored very nicely on linear appraisal and grows more handsome as he matures.

Summer 2011 update:

Roy comes to us from Reuel Dairy in Deer Park, WA.  He is a blending of the incredible POTF genetics along with the Reuel line that has worked so well for us here at BMR.  It will be fun and interesting to see what this fella can do for our herd.  We expect some wonderful offspring from him.

Sire: GCH Price-o-the-Field Royal Marcus +B  93 EEE

SS: CH Price-o-the- Field Monarch  90 EEE

SSS: Price-o-the-Field Mela-Power

SSD: SGCH Price-o-the-Field Miss Marlene 91 EEEE

SD: SGCH Price-o-the-Field Lady Regina 1*M 92 EEEE

SDS: Price o the Field Luke +*B

SDD: Price o the Field A Mercy Lady 87 VE+V   

Dam: SGCH Reuel Tapestry's RY Gingham 11*M 90 EEEE

DS: Reuel Rufus' J.J. Ryan  *+B

DSS: SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B

DSD: GCH Reuel Valentine’s J Rufus 1*M

DD: SG Reuel Lacie's EXP Tapestry 10*M  90 EEEV

DDS: SG Kastdemur's Expressway  +B 91 EEE Elite Buck

DDD: GCH Reuel Lass’ J.J. Lacie 9*M

Roy's sire GCH Price-o-the- Field Royal Marcus +B  93 EEE



Roy's Grandsire CH Price-o-the- Field Monarch  90 EEE



Roy's dam SGCH Gingham  11*M  90 EEEE