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5 year old Cora (above and below)

3 year old Cora scored as Excellent on Linear Appraisal (3 pictures above)


Two year old Cora (2 pictures above)

SG Black Mesa Celestes Crazy Cora (Cora) 5*M
Born: 2/25/11

 ADGA # PN1581971

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Tested A/A for Alpha s1 Casein

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

Linear Appraisal Score:
87 VVVV at 1 year old
91 EEEE at 3 years old
88 VVEE at 4 years old
90 VVEE at 5 years old

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2014)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2015)
INBA Excellence in Linear Appraisal Award

 DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2012 1-01 246 1520 6.2 56 3.7 54 3.5
2013 2-00 302 2700 8.9 116 4.3 99 3.7
2014 3-00 268 2520 9.4 107 4.2 89 3.5
2015 4-00 244 2040 8.4 86 4.2 70 3.4
2016 5-01 215 1890 8.8 92 4.9 66 3.5
2016 Lactation Is Now Complete

Summer 2016:

It is hard to believe that Cora is a 5 year old already. She had her final appraisal this spring and scored as Excellent - but that isn't hard to believe. She is a lovely, very productive doe.

Summer 2015:

Cora continues to be a powerhouse in the milking parlor. Her udder is gorgeous - tightly attached, with lovely fore udder and nice teat placement. Cora kidded with quads this year and is making us proud in the milking parlor.

Summer 2014:

Cora is a very laid back milker, easy tempered and calm.  She loves coming in for milking and I just love having her in there.  I take extra time cleaning her udder – not because she is dirty, but because her udder is so nicely, tightly attached and so productive.  It’s a joy to feel.

Cora scored as Excellent on Linear Appraisal this year and she really deserved that.  She is a stately, well put together girl. 

Summer 2013:

Cora is still a quiet girl, easy to overlook at times.  But milking time is not when she is overlooked!  She comes in and jumps onto her milking stand, producing lots of milk for our cheese making.  Cora kidded with quads this year.

Congratulations to Cora - she is now a Superior Genetics doe!

 Summer 2012:

Quiet little Cora easily kidded with twin doelings this year.  They were such lovely girls that we decided to keep one.  Cora is milking well from a lovely udder, received a great linear appraisal score, and really seems to be loving her job here at BMR.

 Summer 2011:

Cora is one of three doelings born to Celeste this year.  Since Celeste has become a beautiful, productive milker we are very happy to keep a daughter of hers.  Cora started out a bit shy, but then started hanging out with Jackie and Crystal - real rapscallions.  Now she is interactive and curious.  We are looking forward to watching her grow.

Sire: SG Reuel Miriam's EXP Marconi +*B, 91 EEE,  Elite Sire

SS: SG Kastdemur's Expressway  +B, 91 EEE, Elite Sire

SSS: SG Kastdemur's Le Exacta +*B, EVE 90

SSD: SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit +EEE 90

SD: SGCH Reuel Mei Tu's J.J. Miriam  2*M, EEEE 91  2005 Top Ten for Butterfat

SDS: SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B

SDD: Kastdemur's EJ Mei Tu 1*M

Dam:  Black Mesa Cory's Celeste 4*M, 90 VEEE

DS: SG Reuel Rhesa's JJ Rio Grande ++*B, 90 EVE, Elite Buck, INBA Outstanding Sire

DSS: SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B

DSD: SG Reuel Rufus’ Royal Rhesa 2*M, 90 EEEV

DD: SG Black Mesa Coriander 3*M, 89 VEVV, Three Time Top Ten Breed Leader, 2004 BMR Best First Freshener, INBA Outstanding Dam Award, INBA Premier Dam Award

DDS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

DDD:  Ragels Ziegenhof Angel  2*M

 Yearling Cora at Linear Appraisal (4 pics above)

Cora at 4 months old (2 pictures above)


Momma Celeste with her three daughters. 

Newborn Cora

4 year old Cora (3 pictures above)