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8 year old Terry - still looking great!



  Terry at 6 years old scores as Excellent on her Appraisal (4 pictures above)


Terry at 4 years old

SG Black Mesa Tessa's Tarragon (Terry) 3*M
Born 2/20/2006

ADGA #1388385

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2011)
INBA Top Milk Production by Age (2011)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2014)
INBA Lifetime Achievement Award
INBA Excellence in Linear Appraisal Award

Linear Appraisal Score:
82 AEV+ at 1 year old
86 VVAE at 2 years old
87 +EEE at 3 years old
87 VEVE at 4 years old
90 VEVE at 6 years old

DHIR Milk Test Results:

Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Protein lbs. Protein %
2007 1-01 251 1590 6.3 72 4.5 56 3.5
2008 2-02 265 2432 9.2 109 4.5 82 3.4
2009 3-01 281 2690 9.6 99 3.7 91 3.4
2010 4-01 281 2660 9.5 119 4.5 90 3.4
2011 5-02 257 2030 7.9 79 3.9 70 3.4
2012 6-01 268 2210 8.3 85 3.9 75 3.4
2013 7-01 273 2360 8.6 96 4.1 86 3.7
2014 8-02 195 1150 5.9 40 3.5 38 3.3
2014 Lactation is Complete

Summer 2014:

 Terry, like her sire and her granddam, is having a hard time keeping in good body condition – she’s skinny.  We have her come up on the deck twice a day for special rations.  She loves being special, but isn’t putting on weight.  So I guess we aren't hard core dairymen (as I stated in Terry's 2013 update) since we have decided to let her retire once she dries off later in the year.  I’d have loved another doeling from her, but will be happy keeping her son Rocket Man, and her daughter Audra in our herd. Hopefully Terry will enjoy a long and healthy retirement here.

Summer 2013:

 Since we are a commercial cheese dairy, no matter how much we like a goat, they still need to help us pay the bills by milking well.  Terry has no fear of leaving this place since she is still a powerhouse on the milking string.  She is a lovely, productive lady.  We are thrilled that she kidded with twin doelings this year.  We have retained one of them.

Summer 2012:

 We were quite relieved this year when Terry kidded so easily and she even gave us a lovely daughter to keep.  Terry is milking well, looks great, and even scored as Excellent on her linear appraisal.  I guess our predictions of her growing into a beauty were right on target.  Terry is easy going and very sweet.

Summer 2011:

 Terry had a pretty tough kidding this year and it took a lot out of her.   We thought we might have to dry her off so that she could recover.  But once she got over the hard delivery, her milk production soared and she was back in business.   She is looking better than ever and milking very well.  We are very glad that she bounced back so well.

Summer 2010:

 Terry is still the Number One milker around here.  She makes it look easy.  Terry is a real asset to our herd.

Summer 2009:

 Terry is still growing into the beauty that we know she will become.  She is long and very dairy.  Her milk production amazes everyone - including us.  She is a consistent milker with a very level lactation curve.

July 2008 update:

 Terry really is an interesting goat to look at.  She is so very dairy, yet somewhat...odd looking.  Her parts still don't all fit together seamlessly, but where it counts, she comes through beautifully.  At her linear appraisal this year she scored as excellent in mammary, front legs, rear legs, and rump.  She has wonderful dairy character and is even out milking Cory!  Now THAT'S a pretty awesome achievement for a 2 year old!

 July 2007 update:

Terry certainly did not “WOW” the appraiser, though she did score as Excellent in Dairy Character.  Besides being very uncooperative on appraisal day, she had been having a growth spurt that made her look scrawny, gawky, and awkward.  Next year she’ll do much better as her parts grow together into a nicer looking milker.  But for now, Terry is milking like gangbusters and enjoying it as if it were a new hobby.  She will easily earn her milking star this year. 

 June 2006 update: 

Terry is a real character!  Very self-assured and comfortable in most situations.  She’s growing well and looks like she’ll be quite a bit taller and wider than her diminutive mom, Tessa.  Terry loves living on the ranch, playing with her buddies, and getting into goaty mischief. 

Sire: SG Reuel Rhesa's JJ Rio Grande ++*B, 90 EVE, Elite Buck, INBA Outstanding Sire

SS: SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B

SSS: Ladies-Blue Cat-Man-Doo ++*B 

SSSS: GCH H. Homestead Catalyst ++*B

SSSD: Ladies Blue Wicked Figure 5*M

SSD: GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Trish 3*M, EEEE

SSDS: H. Homestead Smooth Blend ++*B

SSDD: Ladies Blue BlackLilly 2*M                                  

SD: SG Reuel Rufus’ Royal Rhesa 2*M, 90 EEEV

SDS: GCH Price o the Field Royal Marcus  +B,  93 EEE

SDSS: CH Price o the Field Monarch 90 EEE

SDSD: SGCH Price o the Field Lady Regina 1*M,  92 EEEE

SDD: GCH Reuel Valentine’s J Rufus 1*M

 SDDS: GCH Reuel MS Image Jonathan’s Image +*B     

SDDD: Reuel Shula’s Regal Valentine

Dam: Reuel Tamar's Regal Tessa 2*M

DS: Sayman’s Regal L Boaz *+B

DSS: GCH Sayman’s Regal Duke ++*B

DSSS: Cedarsage Startrek *B

DSSD: Triple R My Shadow 2*M

DSD: GCH Sayman’s M.L. Lustre 3*M

DSDS: GCH Sayman’s Regal Duke ++*B

DSDD: Sayman’s Miss Liberty 2*M

DD: Reuel Tuffy’s Blue Tamar 1*M

DDS: GCH Ladies Blue Wicked Blue Suede +*B

DDSS: GCH Ladies Blue Wild Wicked Game +*B

DDSD: GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Red Velvet *M

DDD: Reuel Calli’s Regal Tuff Stuff

DDDS: Sayman’s Regal L Boaz *+B 

DDDD: Reuel Hanna’s N Calno 6*M

7 year old Terry having a snack

Tarragon at 3 years old (above and below)


2 yr old Terry at her 2008 Linear Appraisal (above and below)


Terry as a two year old (above and below)

  Terry at 4 1/2 months old


Terry at a few days old


8 year old Terry with her baby