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Yearling OTB (with Kathryn below)
3 month old OTB
Black Mesa Off Track Betty 8*M (OT)
Born 3/5/17

 ADGA # N1892660

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Alpha s1 Casein A/B or B/B by pedigree

 Linear Appraisal Score:
84 +VVV at 1 year old

DHIR Milk Test Results:

Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2018 1-01 220 1389 6.3 56 4.0 56 4.0
2018 Sold

Summer 2017:

We love our Betty Babies!  OTB (Off Track Betty) is the largest doe kid ever born on Black Mesa Ranch.  She weighed 9.9# at birth and has kept up her amazing growth.  She leads our Kid Crew on their daily rounds of eating, playing, and harassing the milkers.  We look forward to watching her mature into a beautiful and productive girl. 

Sire: Goldthwaite Windswept Luc *B, 88 VEE

SS: Goldthwaite Einkorn *B 88 VVV

SSS : CH Goldthwaite Jewellburt *B, 90 EEV

SSD : SG Goldthwaite Amaranth 9*M, 90 EEEV

SD: Goldthwaite Windswept 87 VVVV

SDS : Goldthwaite Coney Island *B, 91 EEE

SDD : SG Goldthwaite Ferrari 3*M, 88 VEEV

Dam: SG Black Mesa Jacks Or Better (Betty) 7*M, 90 EEEV, Multiple INBA Awards

DS: Reuel Ginghams Royal Gallifrey +*B, 86 +EE

DSS: GCH Price-o-the-Field Royal Marcus +B, 93 EEE

DSD: SGCH Reuel Tapestry's RY Gingham 11*M, 90 EEEE 

DD: SG Black Mesa Jackie Tyler 6*M, 88 VVEV

DDS: SG Lakeshore-Farms Mr. Bentley *+B, 91 EEE, Elite Buck

DDD: SG Black Mesa Rose Tyler 5*M, 90 EVEE