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Our Candies Are Simply The Best

Simple ingredients, simple packaging. Simply quality products made with ingredients you can trust.

Our line of exceptional hand-made candies is available seasonally from October through February.

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BMR Candy

Black Mesa Ranch’s Candy Kitchen is a very small candy company operated by professionally trained pastry chef David Heininger.

Even though we are somewhat new to the White Mountains of Arizona, we are not new to making fine confections. The company, (formerly BestToffee) ran our candy and pastry operations from the main store of a small Tucson AZ candy and coffee shop chain until our move in 2000 to rural Snowflake in Northeastern Arizona and onto Black Mesa Ranch.

We, of course, use only the finest ingredients available, including exquisite Belgian Chocolates, sweet cream butter, high quality fancy nuts, and 100% pure flavors, extracts and liqueurs.

Our candies, as always, are handmade in tiny little batches, attractively packaged and express shipped with the utmost care. Please give our full line of fine confections a try. They also make great gifts.

What makes BMR Candies so special?

They’re special because of the ingredients we use. We use only the best chocolates in all our products. Our Bittersweet Dark, Milk, and White chocolates are imported from Belgium.

They’re special in the way we make them. All of our confections are made from scratch in small batches. Our truffles and other chocolate-covered candies are each carefully enrobed in chocolate and individually hand decorated.

Many of our recipes are ancient family treasures (really!) that have been lovingly developed over decades by a talented group of home culinarians then refined and used by a highly trained professional pastry chef. We work hard to celebrate and preserve their efforts with every batch we make.

They’re special in that they’re so fresh. When you buy candy from us we don’t rummage around in some back storeroom to fill your order, we head to our candy kitchen and make it! We add no preservatives or stabilizers to any of our confections so it is imperative that we make, package, and ship our products to our customers as quickly as possible to ensure they are enjoyed at the peak of flavor.

Why are our Candies only made seasonally?

Since we do not use any preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients, we can only make and ship our chocolates during the cooler months of the year. 

Did you know that many (even "high quality") candies commonly include questionable ingredients like paraffin (to keep chocolate from melting), preservatives such as potassium sorbate (to keep them from going moldy during storage), emulsifiers like glycerol monostearat, lecithin or magnesium stearate, antioxidants like butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) to prevent rancidity and other "weird" ingredients like Invertase (an enzyme that inhibits sugar re-crystallization), and Sorbirol (a "polyol" sugar alcohol used to maintain moistness)?

We’d rather make exceptional candy seasonally, with quality ingredients that you know and trust (and can pronounce), rather than add chemicals in an attempt to make them more durable!  Honest, they are worth waiting for! Please give them a try.

What can you do about your sweet tooth when we aren't making our seasonal candies?

Twelve months out of the year we make a wonderful Goats’ Milk Fudge, plus Fudge Sauce, and Spiced Pecans.  All made fresh right here on the ranch from local ingredients.

Click here to go directly to our secure product ordering page