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After years of dreaming, months of research and finally a week of waiting for delivery, The Black Mesa Ranch weather station went on line at approximately 5:30PM 1/24/05.

The Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless unit and it's accompanying WeatherLink computer software package installed quickly and easily and was up and running in a little more than an hour.  Being able to understand and take advantage of all it's functions fully will take a little longer!

We look forward to using the weather data to help with everything from gardening to candy-making (high humidity effects chocolate work), to working with pregnant goats (sudden drops in barometric pressure can hurry a goat into labor).

The full set of data with charts and graphs is posted online at the  BMR WeatherUnderground web page. I usually upload to the site once a week so you may have to click the "previous date" button to see the most current info.

To see recently updated weather information for the Ranch go to:

BMR WeatherUnderground web page.