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We have quite a number of critters here at the Ranch. 

First, and foremost is our small herd of pure bred Nubian goats.  The girls are the core of our cheese making operations, the bucks are vital to our herd improvement efforts and, of course, there are always a few wethers around for goat packing or just plain fun rounding the total to about 40 (or so) altogether.

As a "way of using our whey" we do keep some hogs. They love the whey and grow well. They come here as 20# babies and leave at 600 pounds. The pork is great!

We also keep some laying hens for eggs.  Periodically there will be 25 to 35 Cornish Rock broiler chickens around being raised for the freezer.  We also have some peafowl running around.

Then there are our dogs and cats. We have 4 Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) to keep the animals safe from predators, plus several barn cats around to help keep the rodents under control.

As of 2012 we have added a small flock of Katahdin hair sheep to the ranch to provide us with high quality lamb.

We also now have some Dexter and Belted Galloway cattle to complete a well-rounded ranch picture. 

Now let me introduce you to some of the critters...

Use the links below to go to the critter page of your choice.

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