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The marvel of watching and assisting with the kiddings on the Ranch is something difficult to describe with just words.  So few people these days are able to share in such magical events that we thought we would take the opportunity to spread the joy with pictures.

The following photo series are accurate depictions of the wonderful (if rather messy) events so they're a little graphic in places, but that's nature, right? 

TRUDY - March 2001

The following photos were taken of our Herd Queen giving birth to daughter Nutmeg. The series was taken on 3/11/01 from 8 am to about 7 pm.

1.  Some special treats are given out in the morning.

2.  The birthing stall gets a good cleaning and fresh straw.

3.  Trudy tries to get comfortable

4.  Trudy tries another position
5.  The “bubble”, a sign of imminent birth,  appears.
6.  The bubble gets BIG.  A tiny white hoof tip can be seen.
7.  Trudy finally delivers her little girl while standing up.
8.  A little help from mom in cleaning up little "Nutmeg".
9.  Some encouragement from mom to stand up.
10. Kathryn helps Nutmeg to find dinner.
11.  Nutmeg's very first meal

12.  More work for Trudy passing the afterbirth.

13.  Mother and daughter both doing just fine (but a little tired).
14.  Little Nutmeg gets some people lovin’ too.

ANGEL - June 2001

The following photos were taken of doe "Angel giving birth to twins Ordoño" and "Anise". The series was taken on 6/11/01 from 8 AM to about Noon

1. Angel feeling very pregnant. 
2.  Trudy and her new daughter waiting.
3.  Labor begins.
4. Angel dilates quickly...
5.  ...and soon a little hoof appears.
6.  Now just a single leg is out and a bit of help is in order.
7. Soon little buckling Ordono greets the world.
8.  A second bubble means that another kid is fast on the way.
9.  Doeling Anise makes her grand entrance.
10. New mother Angel is doing great.
11. Ordono checks out his new world.
12. Anise sneezes.