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Black Mesa Cory's Rosemary 4*M (Rosie)
Born: 4/09/04

ADGA #1318087

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

Linear Appraisal Score:
89 VVEE at 3 years old
89 VEVV at 4 years old
91 EEEE at 5 years old

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Excellence in Linear Appraisal Award
INBA Lifetime Achievement Award

Winter 2013:
Rosemary started losing the condition last fall and then her heart started to give out. We euthanized our old friend and buried her out on the range where she loved to browse.    She contributed greatly to our herd and we are very glad to have several of her offspring still with us.

Summer 2012:
We didn't think Rosie was pregnant this year - not until a few weeks before she delivered her lovely little boy.  What a sneak she was.  It would have been fine with us if she took the year off since she overdid it last year with quads.  But she loves coming to work and didn't miss a beat once she kidded.  She dutifully comes in to work twice a day.  Rosie is a mild mannered, quiet, easy going girl.

Summer 2011:
Seven year old Rosie kidded with quads this year!  Oh my!  She really outdid herself.  We are thrilled to be keeping another one of her daughters - Liberty Rose.  Rosie did develop milk fever as a result of her heavy load, but with some TLC (and extra calcium) she pulled through fine and is looking great. 

Summer 2010 update:
Rosie hasn't let her great LA score go to her head.  She still shows up for milking, does a great job, then heads on out to the valley or up the mesa with the herd to browse, sun herself, or lay around chewing cud.  She is a great, easy going girl.

Summer 2009 update:
Was it really just two years ago when we noticed that Rosie had grown up?  Well, now she is a fully mature, wonderfully powerful yet feminine doe.  She scored as Excellent on her linear appraisal and she really deserved that honor.  We are thrilled to have Rosie as part of our foundation stock.

July 2008 update:
Rosie is a real easy going girl.  She is mild mannered and friendly.   She is also a hard worker and loves coming in for milking.  However, she milks out so fast we hardly get any time with her in the parlor so we have to make excuses to go hang out with her at other times.  She's always a fun girl to be with.

July 2007 update:
We knew that Rosie had a good udder – nicely attached, capacious, and quick to milk out.  The appraiser obviously agreed with us and scored her udder as “Excellent” as well as giving her very high scores in other areas.  We now know how parents must feel when their young daughter gets dressed up for her first prom.  We still see Rosie as a ranch kid, the appraiser saw her as a beautiful, young, productive milker.  How she changed from cute little “Wrong-Way” Rosie to a beautiful milker is amazing. Guess she must have grown up while we weren’t looking. Rosie has become an incredible asset to our herd.  

July 2006 update:
Rosie just keeps getting better.  She hasn’t gotten lost in a long time AND she is a wonderful milker.  Her udder is SO soft and milks out SO fast.  We say we have to put on our track shoes when it’s Rosie’s turn to be milked.  She is the fastest milker on the team – and she makes LOTS of milk!  She’s also a real sweetheart and loves her time both in the parlor and hanging with all her friends – humans, goats, and dogs.

2005 update:
Rosie kidded this year with two beautiful daughters.  Then she went right to work making wonderful, high quality milk for our cheese making.  Rosie really enjoys her work.  She was fast headed towards becoming the BMR Best First Freshener of 2005 - we didn't think anyone could catch up.  But Sassy came from behind and is now in the lead.  However, that doesn't take away Rosie's contributions or abilities.  This girl is  a wonderful asset to our milking line-up with her marvelously soft, easy milking udder and her wonderful attitude.  Rosie is truly a delightful girl ... and she never gets lost on her way to the milking parlor.

More background on young Rosie:
 Rosemary was dubbed “Wrong Way Rosie” right off the bat.  This girl would get lost while standing in the middle of the herd!!!  And she has the lung power to let everyone know it!  Kathryn once had to run almost an eighth of a mile after her as she frantically ran THROUGH the herd and out into the valley, too busy thinking she was lost to notice them!   Sometimes teaching kids to follow along with the rest of the herd is easy – sometimes NOT.  Rosie still will think she’s lost at times, and she NEVER picks the right way to go when looking for the others.  We think “Wrong Way” will be her nickname for a very long time!  Other than that, she’s a cute girl with lots of spunk.  Her mom, Cory, won our BMR Best First Freshener Award (2004) and we are excited to see if Wrong Way Rosie will figure out how to follow in THOSE footsteps.            

Sire: M's Sagebrush SDGV Aragon +B

SS: Show-Down Granac's Vindicator *B

SSS:  Fra-Jac's Gay Grady ++*B

SSD:  GCH Show-Down Nacona Dancer 1*M

SD:  Blue Thunder Aurora

SDS:  *S Anin's Vagabond 2E CGS

SDD:  GCH Blue Thunder Ace Ashley CGS

Dam: SG  Black Mesa Coriander 3*M, 89 VEVV, Three Time Top Ten Breed Leader, 2004 BMR Best First Freshener, INBA Outstanding Dam Award, INBA Premier Dam Award

DS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

DSS:  The Blue Thunder Tundra

DSD:  Sunny-Haven Silkie

DD:  Ragels Ziegenhof Angel  2*M

DDS:  La-Homa DTC Mountain Tesoro *B

DDD:  Rio-Pirata Casino's Faro (Trudy)  1*M